Transition to Practice Nursing Program

Transition to Practice Nursing Program:

As an organization on the cutting edge of education, evidence-based practice and professional development, the Brooks Rehabilitation IHL Transition to Practice Nursing Program prepares newly licensed Registered Nurses to care for complex populations and empower patients to achieve their highest level of participation in life.


This six-month residency is a structured, immersive learning experience that supports a precepted clinical orientation alongside the support of selected mentors.

Each month, high-level experts discuss clinical observations, link scenarios to current practice, present case studies and use simulation to help the newly licensed Registered Nurse build clinical knowledge in a dedicated, safe learning environment.

Grounded in the Brooks Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Professional Practice Model, topics include but are not limited to, assessment, managing complex patients and clinical safety in addition to dedicated time to practice technical, clinical skills hands-on.

The overall program goal is to support our newly licensed nurses with a dynamic, interactive and diverse professional learning experience that encourages a safe and exciting transition into professional practice.

Program Highlights:

– Dedicated time for experiential learning, high-fidelity simulation and interactive seminars
– Structured, evidence-based clinical orientation in a specialty with experienced Registered Nurses
– Shared experience with all our Residency and Fellowship Programs
– Opportunities to collaborate and build lifelong relationships with other professionals
– Shadow experiences with specialty experts throughout the Brooks Rehabilitation System

Program Coordinator:

Pamela Lambert

Program Details


  • The program curriculum is comprehensive of the Standards and Scope of Rehabilitation Nursing Practice with a focus on clinical decision-making, critical thinking, time management, medication administration, ethics and coordination of quality care.
  • Residents will participate in combinations of traditional coursework, directed learning activities, clinical mentoring and high-fidelity simulation.

Upon completion of the program, Residents and their families attend a celebratory reception that highlights their achievement as they continue to serve as professional Registered Nurses that contribute to patient and family-centered care in our communities and beyond.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants to the Brooks Nurse Residency Program must:

  • Graduate from an accredited nursing program.
  • Current and unencumbered licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida or Compact.
  • Meet all employment eligibility requirements as a practicing Registered Nurse within Brooks Rehabilitation.
  • Have less than 12 months of professional, clinical nursing experience.

Applications are accepted and considered year-round.