Physical and Occupational Therapy Students

Clinical internships at Brooks Rehabilitation are highly competitive due to the vast variety of settings offered along with the expertise of the Brooks Staff. Our staff includes over 80 residency and fellowship graduates as well as a large number of therapists who are board certified in their specialty area of practice. We have high expectations for our clinical interns, including participation in learning activities, beyond those required by your academic institution.

View the checklist of internship requirements.

*Physical and Occupational Therapy Students should also follow the application instructions below

Program Details

How to Apply:

  • The request for a clinical student internship placement should come from your university’s Director of Clinical Education, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, or Fieldwork Coordinator. Please ask them to email requests to the Brooks IHL Education Coordinator, Aidan Driscoll at When an affiliation between Brooks Rehabilitation and an Academic Institution is in place, the process of placing a student within Brooks Rehabilitation will begin.
  • After a confirmed placement, each student is required to complete onboarding requirements which are administered by the Brooks Rehabilitation Human Resources office as well as the Brooks IHL.
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the start date of the internship, you will receive an email containing directions for the onboarding process as well as the Brooks IHL Clinical Student Internship Handbook. The Brooks IHL Clinical Student Internship Handbook outlines a variety of helpful information including but not limited to the following:
      • Human Resources and Employee Health requirements
      • Orientation & Onboarding Information
      • Students’ Clinical Instructor contact information
      • Pre-reading Information
      • Expectations of what the student will complete during the internship
      • Information regarding the specific internship site
  • Should students with a confirmed placement have any questions that need to be answered prior to receipt of this email, please contact us at

Brooks Rehabilitation does not provide housing or financial compensation.