Residency & Fellowship FAQs

Do you offer a residency or fellowship distance learning program?
How long are the Brooks’ residency and fellowship programs?
Are the residency and fellowship programs available only to those available to work full time, or can part-time employees apply?
Do you accept licensed physical therapists with prior clinical experience into the residency and fellowship programs?
If I graduate in June, will I be able to start the residency program immediately after?
When is the application deadline?
How do I apply?
Is there an interview associated with the application and what is the process?
How will I know if I have been accepted to one of the residency fellowship programs?
Does Brooks provide housing assistance for residents and/or fellows?
Regarding the recommendation letters in the application process, is it okay to have the recommending clinicians write their own letter of recommendation in addition to the form Brooks provides?
Regarding the Orthopaedic Residency and OMPT Fellowship application process, do I have to complete a University of North Florida application in addition to RF-PTCAS application for Brooks Rehabilitation?
Regarding the list of continuing education courses attend in the last 5 years, is it appropriate to list my attendance at a conference here?
I am a student applying for one of the Brooks’ residency or fellowship programs. What information should I provide on the professional license verification section of the application?
Is the resident and fellow a salaried employee with benefits?
Where will I practice if I am accepted to a residency or fellowship program?
If I am accepted into a Brooks’ residency or fellowship program, will I have to pay tuition?
Upon graduation, will I be required to remain at Brooks as part of my program requirement?
Will I receive mentoring during the residency or fellowship program?
As a resident or fellow, will there be any learning opportunities involving other specialties or professions?
What will my schedule look like?
Does Brooks support conference participation?
Can I defer my student loans while a resident and/or fellow?
Is there an interview associated with the Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship application and what is the process?

Continuing Education FAQs

How do I locate Brooks IHL Continuing Education (CE) Courses?
How do I register for a Brooks IHL Continuing Education (CE) Course?
What method of payment can I use to register for a Brooks IHL Continuing Education (CE) Course?
What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Pre-Professional Observation FAQs

How do I apply for student Pre-professional observation hours?
The site and discipline I want to shadow are not available on the date I need, what should I do?
How are therapists selected?
I’m not sure what discipline I want to shadow, I’m just looking for rehabilitation observation experience.
Can I just email someone my completed compliance packet?
What should I wear?
I can no longer attend the observation I signed up for, what should I do?
How can I shadow on multiple days, or in multiple Brooks locations?
I did not show up or formally cancel my observation reservation, but I really need hours. How can I get them?
I know a therapist at Brooks and they said I could come shadow them, how can I make sure they are the person I observe?
There are not any hours available for me to shadow before my application is due, what should I do?
I want to shadow at Brooks location that is not listed, how can I complete my hours at that specific site?
How will I know if I have been approved to observe within the Brooks System?