Exercise Physiology and Public Health Students

Brooks Rehabilitation is the recognized leader for providing a system of world-class rehabilitation solutions. Through the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning, students interested in promoting the physical, social and emotional well-being of individuals with disabilities can complete an internship within one of the Brooks Rehabilitation Community Programs.

Program Details

Adaptive Sports & Recreation Program

Brooks Rehabilitation offers the most comprehensive adaptive sports and recreation program in the country, providing fun and fitness for people of all ages living with a physical disability. Interns in this program are provided with the opportunity to have hands on experience advancing the quality of life and health and wellness of individuals with a neurological condition. They have the opportunity to assist in the planning of events and conduct the weekly programs for all sports programs such as quad rugby, wheelchair basketball, archery, skeet shooting, cycling and rowing just to name a few.


The Clubhouse is a community health program that provides for the long-term recovery needs of individuals who have suffered an acquired brain injury. This day-program bridges the gap between medical rehabilitation, vocational training and community reintegration. It is currently the only Brain Injury Clubhouse in Florida and one of only 24 in the world. An intern at the Brooks Clubhouse is able to promote hope, autonomy, and empowerment for members of the community who have suffered a brain injury to assist with supervising daily work units. They would help with teaching members the tools to return to work in a business setting, maintenance and housekeeping, or arts and crafts production. Interns would also get the opportunity to assist with adaptive swimming, yoga and wellness with the clubhouse members.

Neuro Recovery Center/Wellness

Brooks offers Wellness Programs that focus on fitness and wellness education. The programs allow individuals with disabilities to continue therapeutic exercise during and after traditional inpatient and outpatient therapy. All members receive an evaluation by a neurologically trained physical therapist to determine the most effective programming to maximize their potential for neuroplasticity, recovery and wellness. Following an evaluation, the clinical experts at Brooks Wellness develop a customized rehab program to meet each member’s specific needs. An intern within the Brooks Neuro Recovery Center and Wellness Programs would have an opportunity to have hands on experience with assisting patients with neurological injuries execute an exercise program to maintain health and wellness. They will have an opportunity to work with state-of-the art equipment using electrical stimulation and body-weight support to advance physical and occupational therapy goals and assist in advancing exercise programs in a gym atmosphere with the guidance from an exercise physiologist.

Application Process:

  1. To apply to an internship in any of the programs listed above, please fill out the application here. All applications with an attached resume are to be filled out electronically and submitted to Caitlin Simonton at Caitlin.Simonton@Brooksrehab.org.
  2. After submitting an application, students will receive email confirmation that their application was received and what the next steps are moving forward.

For questions regarding the Community and Wellness Program Internship application process contact Caitlin Simonton at Caitlin.Simonton@Brooksrehab.org.

To learn more about our community and wellness programs at Brooks Rehabilitation please visit www.BrooksRehab.org or contact Caitlin Simonton at Caitlin.Simonton@Brooksrehab.org.

Applicants must cover all expenses connected to the internship. Brooks Rehabilitation does not offer housing or financial compensation.