About Us

Welcome to the Brooks Rehabilitation Institute of Higher Learning (IHL), where our goal is to provide world-class educational opportunities focused on advancing providers’ skill in the area of medical rehabilitation. At the Brooks IHL, our culture of excellence is built upon the strength of our educational programs and our reputation is molded by the expertise of our faculty. Our educational opportunities include continuing education courses, accredited residencies and fellowships, clinical student internships and other unique modes of post-professional development. Our FAQs has several commonly asked questions and additional information about the Brooks IHL.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge, as well as promote a culture of broad inquiry by providing world-class educational opportunities, cutting-edge scholarly research, and excellence in service within the healthcare environment.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the national leader in providing post-professional education for individuals practicing and/or working in the healthcare environment.

Our Values

Our values guide our students, residents, fellows-in-training, faculty and staff members during their time at Brooks Rehabilitation and throughout their careers.

  • Respect

    Respect ideas and rejoice in discovery and in critical thought

  • Excellence

    Pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation

  • Responsibility

    Assume responsibility for the consequences of personal actions

Our Goals

Our goals shape the learning process for Brooks IHL students, who are encouraged to be curious and to embrace the drive to improve human health.

  • 1

    Foster inquiry, discovery and innovation in an engaging, global setting.

  • 2

    Promote and support evidence-based practice to expand medical knowledge.

  • 3

    Forge interdisciplinary partnerships to solve complex healthcare problems.

  • 4

    Develop leaders who pursue lifelong learning for professional success.


Meet Our Faculty