Tony Bare
IHL Role:
Continuing Education Course Instructor

Dr. Bare is the owner of his own practice, Bare Necessities Physical Therapy. It is a cash-pay, direct-access, primary care model.

Education & Training:

MPT from Baylor in 1994

DPT from Baylor in 2008

Areas of Interest:
Academic & Professional Activities:

Post Professional:

Dr. Bare has taught in the Army-Baylor Ortho and Sports Medicine Residencies, in the Baylor DPT program and his Thinking on Your Feet continuing education since 2000. He is on the APTA’s focus group for Primary Care Physical Therapy as a new Board Certification. He also volunteers locally at a free clinic in Downtown Clinic, Laramie, Wyoming. Dr. Bare led the initiative in 2019 to change the Wyoming Practice act for full and unrestricted Direst Access working with the Wyoming APTA.


From the Surgeon General, the “A” Proficiency designation which is the highest award that the Army Medical Department can bestow to recognized professional expertise, exception ability and outstanding achievements in both clinical and academic medicine.

Educational Material:

Contributing Author/Interview:  PT in Motion.  Deepening Physical Therapy’s Footprint:  PTs in Primary Care.  Dec 2018.

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