Devon Cohen, MS, OTR/L, BCPR

Course Description:
This course covers the therapeutic uses of electrical stimulation devices including expected treatment outcomes, safety, and adequate documentation standards to meet Florida requirements for didactic training for the Use of Prescription Devices. Current duration and mode, selection of method and equipment, preparation for treatment, treatment administration, and documentation of treatment is discussed. The session includes demonstrations and hands on application with electrical stimulation devices.

“This course has been sanctioned by the Florida Occupational Therapy Association (FOTA) for 4 contact hours. Sanctioning of this course does not imply endorsement of specific content, products or clinical procedures by FOTA”

Course Objectives:
At the end of this presentation, occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants will be able
1. Describe the expected outcome of treatments with Therapeutic Electrical Current (TEC)
2. Explain how the outcomes of TEC treatment must be consistent with the goals of treatment
3. Identify safety considerations, precautions, appropriate administration areas, and proper dosage for TEC
4. Document TEC treatments adequately
5. Determine the duration and mode of current appropriate to the patient’s neurophysiological status while understanding Ohm’s Law of electricity, physical laws related to the passage of
current through various media, as well as impedance
6. Describe normal electrophysiology of nerve and muscle; understanding generation of bioelectrical signals in nerve and muscle; recruitment of motor units in normal muscle and in response to a variety of external stimuli
7. Describe normal and abnormal tissue responses to external electrical stimuli while understanding the differing responses to varieties of current duration, frequency and intensity of stimulation
8. Identify equipment with the capability of producing the preselected duration and mode
9. Describe characteristics of electrotherapeutic equipment and understanding the therapeutic value of different electrotherapeutic equipment
10. Describe safety regulations governing the use of electrotherapeutic equipment.
11. Describe principles of electrical currents
12. Describe requirements/idiosyncrasies of body areas and pathological conditions with respect to electrotherapeutic treatment
13. Demonstrate the ability to prepare the patient for treatment through positioning and adequate instructions
14. Operate equipment and appropriately adjust the intensity and current while understanding rate of stimulation, identification of motor points, and physiological effects desired
15. Demonstrate the ability to adjust the intensity and rate to achieve the optimal response, based on the pertinent evaluative data
16. Document treatment including immediate and long-term effects of therapeutic electrical current.

Intended Audience:
The information presented in this course is clinically relevant for OT and OTA practitioners

Disclaimer: Registrations from individuals with clinical designations not listed in the intended audience for this course may be subject to removal from the course roster without a full refund. See Brooks IHL Course Policies and Procedures for details at If you are unsure or have questions related to the intended audience, please email and we will be happy to help clarify!

Contact Hours
This course has been sanctioned by the Florida Occupational Therapy Association (FOTA) for 4 contact hours. Sanctioning of this course does not imply endorsement of specific content, products or clinical procedures by FOTA

Continuing Education credit for each participant who meets the satisfactory course completion requirements (licensed in FL) will be automatically uploaded to CE Broker, which means the Florida Boards will have record of your attendance, even if you do not have your own personal CE Broker
account. Course certificates will be provided at the completion of the course for those that meet the course completion requirements. Certificates will be mailed for courses that include a post-course test.

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Satisfactory Course Completion:
Full course attendance (including signing the attendance sheet each day), performance demonstrations and question and answer session.

Course Evaluation/Survey:
Within 48 hours of course completion, you will receive a post course survey. The IHL values your feedback and we thank you in advance for taking the s