2023 – 2024 Brooks IHL Residency/Fellowship Cohort

The Brooks Institute of Higher Learning is excited to announce that we are back to in person presentations!

The Brooks IHL Orthopaedic, Sports and Women’s Health Residents will be presenting their 1st Case Presentation. The Brooks IHL would like to invite you to join us to hear the latest evidence-based management for rehabilitation practice! The presentations will be held in 2 large meeting rooms. Attendees will have the option to move throughout the rooms and observe the presentations of their choosing.

Date/Time and Location: 
December 6th, 2022: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital – University Campus
3599 University Blvd S. Jacksonville, Florida 32216
Room: Brooks Assembly 1 & 2

Intended Audience:
All clinicians and clinical students!

Contact Hours:
This event is approved for 2 contact hours  by the following boards:

  • Florida Physical Therapy Association
  • Florida Board of Occupational Therapy

This event is approved for 1.5 contact hours by the following boards:

  • Florida Board of Speech Language Pathology
  • Florida Board of Nursing



Please use the Eventbrite link on the top of this page to register for the Orthopaedic, Sports and Women’s Health Residents presentation room.

To Register for the Neurologic OT Fellows, Neurologic and Pediatric PT Residents presentation room, please click here.

*Please note: To receive contact hours for both rooms, please make sure you sign the attendance sheet in each room you attend. 

Presentation Schedule:

6:30 – 6:45 pm Isabella Burchett: Don’t Forget About Me: The Effect of Perineal Tissue Scars on Postpartum Low Back Pain

6:45 – 7:00 pm Minhanh Pham: Physical Therapy Strengthening Intervention with a Patient with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis Vasculitis

7:00 – 7:15 pm Mitchell Johnson: Application of Thoracic Manipulation to a Patient with Nociplastic Pain

7:15 – 7:30 pm Sarah Perkins: Just Breathe! The Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Involuntary Painful Orgasm in a Patient with Chronic Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

7:30 – 7:45 pm BREAK

7:45 – 8:00 pm Lisa Hagerty: Early Intervention of Manual and Therapeutic Exercise for the Reduced Duration of Fibromyalgia Flare

8:00 – 8:15 pm Anna-Lynn Hickey: The Effects of Pelvic Floor Muscle Perfusion Exercises for Vaginal Tissue Health in a 26 Year Old Female with Secondary Dysparenuia

8:15 – 8:30 pm Alfredo Lopez-Estrada: Effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Pain Pressure Threshold in a Patient with Cervicalgia