Geoff Willard, PT, DPT, NCS, CSRS
Katy Bowen, PT, DPT, NCS

Course Description:
This course provides an in-depth assessment of complex vestibular diagnoses and clinical presentations including comprehensive examinations, interventions, and potential outcomes. Topics will include advanced and applied anatomy, emerging research for common diagnoses, and alternative assessments and treatments of atypical positional testing and/or BPPV findings. An overview of less prevalent vestibular related diagnoses including clinical presentations, examination findings, and treatment options will be discussed. This course will include didactic information, interactive labs, and case examples to practice examination and treatment for the complex and atypical vestibular patient.

Note: It is highly recommended that you attend Vestibular Rehabilitation I or an equivalent introductory course, and/or have a good understanding of foundational concepts in Vestibular Rehabilitation prior to attending this course.

Course Objectives:
After this course, PT/OT participants will be able to:
– Review the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system as it applies to diagnosis and treatment
– Discuss updates and emerging treatment strategies for common vestibular diagnoses
– Introduce atypical presentations of positional testing and implications for treatment
– Assess and perform alternative treatment maneuvers for atypical BPPV variants
– Utilize patient specific symptoms to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan by applying the best available evidence
– Instruct and implement interventions and treatment progressions using case examples
– Discuss clinical presentations, examination findings, and treatment options for less prevalent vestibular related diagnoses, including:
a. Central Vestibular Dysfunction
b. Meniere’s Disease
c. Vestibular Migraine
d. Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness
e. Cervicogenic Dizziness
f. Concussion

Intended Audience:
The information presented in this course is clinically relevant for PT and OT practitioners.

Disclaimer: Registrations from individuals with clinical designations not listed in the intended audience for this course may be subject to removal from the course roster without a full refund. See Brooks IHL Course Policies and Procedures for details. If you are unsure or have questions related to the intended audience, please email and we will be happy to help clarify!

Contact Hours:
This course is approved for 12 contact hours by the following boards:
– Florida Physical Therapy Association
– Florida Board of Occupational Therapy

Continuing Education credit for each participant who meets the satisfactory course completion requirements (licensed in FL) will be automatically uploaded to CE Broker, which means the Florida Boards will have record of your attendance, even if you do not have your own personal CE Broker account. Course certificates will be provided at the completion of the course for those that meet the course completion requirements. Certificates will be mailed for courses that include a post-course test.

If you are a Brooks Clinician and want to pay by cost center, please fill out this registration form and return the check and form to the Brooks IHL.

Satisfactory Course Completion:
Full course attendance (including signing the attendance sheet each day), performance demonstrations and question and answer session.

Course Evaluation/Survey:
Within 48 hours of course completion, you will receive a post course survey. The IHL values your feedback and we thank you in advance for taking the survey.