Transition to Practice Residency Program Celebrates Inaugural Nurse Graduation

Jul 19, 2023

The Brooks Institute of Higher Learning Transition to Practice Nursing Program held its inaugural nurses graduation ceremony on June 9.

Seven newly licensed registered nurses were recognized for their milestone achievements and honored for growing critically in their perspectives, skills and knowledge as nursing professionals. The ceremony was led by Pamela Lambert, MSN, MBA, RN, CHSE, Brooks Institute of Higher Learning’s nursing education and professional development leader.

“The overall program goal is to support our newly licensed nurses with a six-month transition to practice,” said Pamela Lambert. “They’re transitioning from an academic setting as a student nurse to a setting where suddenly our patients depend on them. We want to ensure they are as prepared as possible by providing a dynamic, interactive and diverse professional learning experience. I am proud of this cohort’s dedication to continuous learning and excited to watch each of them flourish as nurses.”

Completing the nursing residency is not an easy feat. In the six-month program, residents embarked on an immersive learning and mentoring experience in which Brooks nursing experts discuss clinical observations, review case studies and scenarios and use simulation to help the new nurses build their knowledge and skills in a dedicated, safe learning environment.

Upon graduation, the nurses will have the confidence to successfully transition into a professional nursing environment at Brooks Rehabilitation.

“My time in the Transition to Nursing Practice residency has helped me prepare for a rewarding career as a registered nurse, said Theodore Bottom, an RN in the program. “I was exposed to multiple parts of the Brooks system of care and gained a great appreciation of the multi-faceted approach to rehabilitative care. Our training will definitely benefit our patients for years to come.”

The program is structured to follow the Brooks Interdisciplinary Practice Model, a system-wide model that puts patients and families at the center of the principles of clinical knowledge; practice environment and workplace; interdisciplinary teams; and outcomes and quality; all tied together by compassion, caring, service and teamwork.

To learn more about the Transition to Practice Nursing Residency at Brooks Rehabilitation, click here.