Clinical Practice Enhancement Program

Jul 8, 2022

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What Do I Get When I Join Brooks? An Investment in My Development and Future

With the opening of the new Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital - Bartram Campus, as well as our overall growth, Brooks is looking for skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists. New Brooks therapists participate in our innovative, competency-based Clinical Practice Enhancement (CPE) Program. We've designed this program to help therapists implement evidence-based care and stay cutting edge with the services they provide. The CPE Program includes approximately 40 hours of content delivered over a 6-month period, carved out of a therapist's normal (compensated) workday.

"The CPE is a system-wide program, sustained and supported by leadership across all areas of Brooks. It offers targeted support for advancing clinical excellence," said Julie Braun, PT, DPT, Brooks CPE Program Coordinator. "The CPE Program provides foundational knowledge shared amongst all clinicians and places individuals on a learning track specific to their area of practice. Each therapist new to Brooks is paired with an exemplary clinical mentor who will both support and challenge them to be deliberate and reflective, with an emphasis on optimal patient outcomes. A program of this scope is not only innovative, but unprecedented within the realm of rehabilitation."

The Brooks' Clinical Practice Enhancement (CPE) Program


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