Course Description:

In this course, participants will learn biomechanical gait analysis and understand its correlation to common lower extremity musculoskeletal pathologies SI joint to toes. Participants will understand how subtle osteopathic alignment issues can cause or perpetuate lower extremity symptoms. Participants will also learn the treatment techniques necessary for rapid resolution of their patient’s symptoms: manual therapy, exercise, taping techniques, in-clinic orthotic fabrication and orthotic prescription.

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Apply orthogonal planar assessment for gait evaluation, recognize deviations/compensations and potential associated pathology.
  • Identify general occurrences at each joint and muscle group during each phase of gait.
  • Describe the 5 most common malalignment foot positions and what biomechanic dilemma they pose for the body and potential subsequent symptoms.
  • Apply treatment techniques for common lower extremity pathology: fabricating splints and orthotics, various taping techniques, manual therapy and exercise.

Intended Audience:

The information presented in this course is clinically relevant for licensed Physical Therapist (PT) and Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA).


This course has been approved for 17 hours (1.7 CEUs) by the following boards:

  • Florida Physical Therapy Association

Disclaimer: Registrations from individuals with clinical designations not listed in the intended audience for this course may be subject to removal from the course roster without a full refund. See Brooks IHL Course Policies and Procedures for details. If you are unsure or have questions related to the intended audience, please email and we will be happy to help clarify!